How does custom photography work?

Different to mainstream photography, custom photography is more of a luxury - as it requires specialist attention to detail and a higher-end investment in props to ensure that you will have something unique.  A  pre-consultation telephone call is carried out one week prior to your session, this is to ensure the studio is prepared with suitable props and backdrops to your tastes. To ensure a sucessful and enjoyable session it will require input and commitment from both parties - the photographer and the client.

Do you offer sessions at the clients home?

In order to offer a wide selection of backdrops, furniture and props it is not possible to make the studio mobile.   

Do you offer weekend appointments?

Occasionally yes, they sell out fast and are usually reserved for family outdoor shoots. 

I'm expecting multiples or have multiples what are the fees?

​I charge an extra half session price for twins and double session for triplets,  I can also ensure I have co-ordinating headwear or wraps or identical if you prefer. Due to space restictions, these newborn sessions may be taken in a hired studio and an extra assistant may be present as an extra pair of hands. 

How many people can I bring to the session?

My studio is set up in a spare bedroom and is designed specifically for babies.  A maximum of 2 adults accompying newborns. One adult is prefered for cakesmash, sitting babies and toddlers. 


Do you photograph siblings together?

Not generally, but yes I can do, providing older sibling can make the appointment.  Siblings are photographed together first then the rest of the time is devoted to the younger subject if in the studio.  It is essential to bring have two adults at a studio session, a toddler can not be expected to sit and wait for 4 hours in such a small space and will need entertaining.  The other adult is responsible for the older child during the session and is welcome to use the facilites in my home, TV, garden, toys etc.  In long sessions such as a newborn session, the dad often takes sibling home or to the park or woods that is at the end of the road whilst I focus on baby.    There is a £25 surcharge for siblings, accompanying newborns.  This is payable before the session and covers the additional preparation and manipulation in photoshop should it be required.  In the event that a toddler sibling will simply not co-operate and no photos are taken or are usuable images - I will refund the surcharge.     Please note I do not hold a selection of props to wear for children older than three years old, however you will have some tips on what to wear send to you via email.  

What happens during the session?

I will have everything prepared in the studio and usually set up 3 different backdrops for variation in images.  One will be natural looking with no props and the two other will depend on the age of the subject and the style of session. 

If you wish to have a few images taken with baby this is done at the start of the session with the rest of the session focused on baby. 




How do location shoots work?

I am happy to meet you in a location of your choice, be it the park, the woods, the beach, a farm or other place special to you.  Travel beyond 15 miles of PO3 5LD will incur a small surcharge to cover expenses and any entry fees/ parking fees are paid by the client and will be added to your invoice. Location shoots are priced at £70 unless otherwise stated and are for up to 4 people.  Additional family members are £10 each.



How long before the images are ready to be uploaded for viewing?

​Generally speaking within 2- 3 weeks, at busy periods or when I am working partime during the school holidays - upto 5 weeks.  If my workload allows it, a sneak preview on my facebook page may be shown soon after the shoot, feel free to share it on your families and friends facebook page. You can order via the password protected Clients Gallery on this website.  If you have any requirements not listed please contact me.  Depending on what you order - prints and products can take anything from 3 days to up to 2 weeks.

How many images will I have to choose from?

I may take over 200 frames per session and will pick out the clearest and best photos to edit and enhance.  I aim to produce a choice of 20-30 pictures for most shoots, 10-15 for maternity sessions.  It really does depend on how well things go on the day.










How much time will I have to view the images in the gallery?

The images will be available to order for 5 days.  I prefer to allow the client to admire the images from the comfort of their own sofa, to liase with grandparents/ in laws and other family members about which images they have fallen in love with.  I am happy to advise you on wall art, and what would look effective in your home - just give me a call.  You are welcome to share the gallery link with all of your family so they can choose their favourites too!   Being a parent is a busy and hectic time, if you need more time to decide on your order, there is an admin fee of £15 payable to cover my time in uploading the images again.










How to book?

Please contact me before hand via the contact form to discuss your requirements and discuss availability.  Use the "Book Now" contact form on the sessions page and your appointment will be booked in the diary once payment is recieved through paypal or alternatively a debit or credit card or online bank payment.  

How long do you hold appointment dates?

I do not hold dates without the booking fee.  After you have been offered specific dates, these will not be offered to new enquiries for 24 hours.  After then, these dates will be offered to new enquiries. 



Do you honour prices quoted upon enquiry?

Yes - once you have made your enquiry, prices will be held for 7 days.