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I'm Shavorne, a photographer of little people, based in Portsmouth UK. I adore my job working with tiny people and seeing them turn into big characters, it can be most rewarding.


People often tell me I'm so friendly, I'm just one of those people who is very open and honest, It's possible I'll tell you my life story during our session (if I've not already told you over the phone). In fact, some of my past clients are now my best friends!


I'm also a mum to a beautiful soul born in 2010 who has been my greatest teacher in so many ways. He's prepared me for every eventuality that may arise working with little ones and I'm so blessed to have him.


When I get free time, there is nothing better I like to do other than go exploring outdoors. I'll pack a backpack with some food, grab the camera, the son and the pooch then we put a pin in a map and then see where we end up.


I'm a great fan of “real things”, real people, authentic expressions and tend to deviate from posed images and instead, allow my little clients to be themselves. From the newborn yawns and stretches through to sessions led by play for toddlers, I make sure all my little people are content, not bored and I do my best to ensure it's as fuss free as possible.


Many specialist newborn photographers stop at the 1 year old milestone, but why? Yes, certainly toddlers can be a challenge I guess, but put them in an environment where they will be happy, with things they like to do, and they will be fine. There is no pressure on them to perform in any way nor will they be made to sit still, which takes the stress away from parents. My images aren't forced, they are naturally evoked. And isn't that what most parents want ~ natural images of their children?







I look forward to welcoming you,


much love Shavorne


“The best way to make children good is to make them happy”

Oscar Wilde

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