Mini-Me sessions for 6mth old to 2 yrs normally held in the studio or outdoors depending on theme.  Shorter in duration and will cover some natural images and some in character. Depending on the theme or idea, I can provide some background music as most babies have natural rhythm and love to bop. Any profession, hobby or anything that you are passionate about can be incorporated into the session.  I have a growing collection of hats, outfits and small props that can be used to create a very special photo shoot.


Why don't you provide mini me sessions for young babies?

​Mainly for the fact that once the baby is sitting up unaided more positions are available making for a more varied session.


Can I bring my own props?

Yes of course, as long as it is safe for baby to handle.  Items that have sentiment make a very special image.

What other themes or ideas do you have?

​Anything within reason is considered, I have many ideas but it's not about me it's about what suits you.  Drop me an email with your idea and I will see what I can come up with.