Younger babies ~ 6 weeks - 6 months

Babies in this age group are often the most fun to work with as their little personalities are really coming out.  Some babies smile, some babies frown but all are definitely cute!   Younger babies are normally awake during the session and generally speaking are propped up or photographed in a basket or simalar.  Sessions usually last 1-2 hours depending on babies mood. Please bring babies favourite blanket or something from home that is familar, this will be a new experience for them and some babies are sensitive to new places.

What happens if my baby has a "little accident" during the session?

Alot of babies are photographed semi-nude so I expect that there will be accidents and I am used to this.  All of my blankets are washable and religiously washed in non bio after every session, regardless of them being soiled or not.  It seems a little odd to say it, but accidents can often be edited out and won't ruin the overall effect.  I have a selection of nappy covers that can sometimes look sweet and I always have clean muslins and wipes to hand for nude shots.

My baby is having a bad skin day, what should I do?

Redness, scratches, blotchyness, spots can mainly be retified post production.  If baby has a skin condition like raw excema covering the face and body then it may be better to postpone the session.

Older babies ~ 6 months - 12 months

Babies in this age group can be the most challenging as normally they are sitting up, crawling and rolling around.  They are inquisitive and everything goes in their mouths!  I try to encourage them to safely explore the studio and may use props that they can pull them- selves up on.  I always have a basket of small toys and distraction rattles to hand.  This is the age group that is most likely to resist lots of prop changes so I try to keep things simple.  You will see me making strange noises and generally acting daft in order to provoke an expression.  Luckily for me - I don't embarrass easily.  Sessions generally last 1-2 hours with a break midway for snacks. The best time to schedule a session is straight after a nap.



Can runny noses and the odd bruise be edited out?

Yes. it may be an idea to make sure under the nails are clean, ears cleaned before the session though as we wouldn't want small details ruining the shot.

Can I bring a favourite outfit to wear?

‚ÄčThis is the ideal age for little outfits as normally baby can sit up unaided and clothes don't looked scrunched up. Please mention to me before the shoot that you are bringing an outfit, usually these shots are done at the end of the session.‚Äč  Plain clothes look better than bold prints or checks, think 'timeless' and avoid logos.

Is there anything else I should know? 

Please bring baby dressed in a comfortable sleepsuit or other clothes that is easy to get on or off.  Avoid tight clothing like tights or socks that will  produce indentation marks on the body.  If your baby has a dummy or a special blanket or comforter then please bring this.  Bring plenty of milk and snacks for older babies.

Toddlers ~ 12 months and older

Sessions are usually shorter for toddlers approximately 1 hour ish and sessions are kept simple focusing on the childs natural expressions.  They can be held in the studio or at a location outdoors once your child is walking well.  Toddlers can be demanding as their little ego is emerging, I try to keep things fun for them and interact with them by playing games.  Please bring some healthy snacks and arrange session for after their nap when they are feeling bright and rested.