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This website is owned and operated by Mini- Me- Photography. 


I may correct any error appearing in the website or withdraw any product from sale without incurring liability. 


These terms and conditions apply to all the information included on the pages of


By booking a session, you agree to and accept these terms and conditions and  you will be asked to sign a copy of this contract on the day of your shoot:




  • a) Website. It is ILLEGAL to copy or reproduce any photographs or videos from this website and violators of this Federal Law shall be subject to it's civil and criminal penalties.  You may not copy, download, reproduce, modify, publish, distribute, transmit, transfer or create derivative works from the content without first obtaining written permission.

  • b) Online Gallery Images & Social Media.  The copyright of all the images on this site and on other platforms related to MMP, is owned exclusively by the artist, Shavorne Marnell throughout the world. Any unauthorised use is illegal. The term "copy"  includes screen shots or saving images to your device/computer. MMP will take legal action in the case of theft. Unpurchased images will not be used online.

  • c) Mini-Me Photography reserves the right to use images created for advertising, display, publication or other purpose.  You will be asked to sign a model release agreement on the day of your shoot and it is your responsibility inform MMP,  if for any legal reason that certain images are not be used for this purpose. The Photographer will respect your privacy. Privacy Policy.



  • a)  It is recommended that you book your session at least 6 -8 weeks in advance, this allows time, should specific props,  bespoke accessories, themed decor or a particular backdrop be required.  



  • a) Dates offered for your session will be available to you for 24 hours after your enquiry, MMP can not hold dates for longer than 24 hours, to book a space in the diary you must pay for the session fee to secure your preferred date.  If you have not secured your date by paying your booking fee within 24 hours, it is possible that the space may have gone to another enquiry as several enquiries are received most days.

  • b)  Your booking is not complete until MMP is in receipt of session fee payment.  Should MMP be fully booked by the time you make payment, it will be refunded to you by the same method you made payment.

  • c) Price and availability are subject to change without notice, however prices of products will be honoured at the time of booking. 

  • d) All studio session fees are applicable to mid week appointments only.  Limited weekend appointments are reserved for location shoots which only take place once a month when I have weekend childcare.


  • a)  Where ever possible MMP will commit to appointment dates as scheduled, very occasionally,  it may be necessary to reschedule your appointment to accommodate a late or early newborn who is only newborn for the first 14 days of life.  MMP will not change your appointment otherwise and to try to prevent this at all costs.

  • b)  If MMP can not perform due to fire, an act of god, strike, or other cause beyond the control of the parties, or due to photographers illness or emergency, then MMP shall return any deposit or session fee to the client and have no further liability with respect to these terms & conditions and contract.



  • a)  Should the photographer become unwell you will be advised as soon as possible, MMP will not put a newborn, young baby or toddler in a situation where they could be infected with an illness.   In this situation the session will be postponed.  

  • b)  MMP may substitute another photographer in the event of Photographers long term illness or in the case of scheduling conflicts.  In the event of such substitution, mini-me-photography warrants that the substitute photographer shall be a competent professional.  In such a situation a refund will be given for any monies exchanged and further liaisons will be with the substituted photographer, who will have their own Terms & Conditions, contract.  This substitute service can not be price matched.



  • a)   When you make a booking with MMP, you are paying for a date in the diary or a provisional space agreed around that time and all session fees are unfortunately non refundable.  Often I will prepare 48 hours in advance for your personal requirements, it is difficult to fill that space if you cancel.   Items such as accessories, props, decor and backdrops may have been ordered specifically for your shoot therefore in most cases the session fee will not even cover these costs. 

  • b)  In the case of your child's illness, please contact MMP within 48 hours of the shoot date and it may be possible to transfer your date to the following week, however due to other commitments this may not be guaranteed.

  • c)  Sittings cancelled for Cake Smash within 72 hours will incur a rebook fee of £45 for the cost of the cake if it is supplied by MMPs cake supplier.



  • a)  If, in the opinion of the photographer, inclement weather or other conditions are not suitable for the shoot,  MMP may elect to use an alternative location or reschedule the time of the session. Adverse weather includes anything more than a showers lasting over an hour, snow or high winds.  The ideal weather for location shoots is partly sunny, hazy or a little overcast. MMP can not be held responsible for poor weather and no guarantee can be made for future dates although every effort will be made to to so.

  • b)  MMP will not be held responsible for climate change, sessions for outdoor shoots amongst certain crop, flower or trees will be planned in for the dates they were around for the  two previous years....taken as an average.  Should early crop or late crop arise - an alternative date may be offered and in which case if you are unable to attend a full refund will be offered.



  • a)  Gift vouchers have an expiry date of 12 months from purchase and are to redeemed against products or towards session fees. Gift vouchers are non-refundable, non transferable and have no cash value.  Before purchasing a gift voucher, consider the recipients budget and outcome for the session since no images are given out with each session .  Mini-Me Photography is happy to bespoke a package that includes wall art or digitals for this purpose which will suit all parties.



  • a)  Mini-Me Photography does not offer price match or discounts on sessions or products.



  • a)  It is understood that mini-me-photography is the exclusive official photographer whilst on a photo shoot, retained to perform the photographic services hired for,  therefore it is not permitted for yourself  or any other connected party to take their own photographs be it on a tablet, phone or camera.   This includes location shoots, mini shoots,  whether they be paid shoots or promotional shoots.  If you would like to take some behind the scenes photos containing the photographer at work with  the subject, please let MMP know as these type of snaps are  sometimes useful to show other clients what happens during a session.  But as babies attention span is so small, it would be very distracting if everyone pulled out a camera and to the detriment of gaining pictures of the baby looking at MMPs camera.  Should people continue to take photographs of the subject, then MMP reserves the right to end the session.



  • *a)  It is with expectation that that a viewing and ordering session will take place within 2-4 weeks of each session should you reside within an one hours drive of PO3 area.    Editing of photographs will not commence until the ordering appointment date is booked in.

  • b)  For multiple sessions such as "Bump & Beyond" orders may not be split and combined into one order.

  • c)  Editing may take up to 4 weeks at normal times. 

  • d)  If for any reason you require an additional ordering session and postpone, the images will be transferred into storage after 7 days and an administration & hosting fee of £30 will be charged in addition to your order.

  • e)  Payment is due at your ordering session and all orders are final. 

  • f)  Payment plans are available on orders of £499 and over.  Monies will usually collected  over 2 or 3 months.  No products will be released until payment is complete in full.  Invoices that are not paid on time will incur a £50 late payment fee, Part Payment Sold Goods remain the property of MMP in the case of client default and all images are deleted 3 months after session date.



  • *a) Private password Protected Galleries may be used in the case of Client residing more than an hour away and only in this exception.

  • b)  Please bring your diary to the session to firm up a time when you will be able to sit down, in peace, to review the pictures and make your order.  Editing of photographs will not commence until the gallery date is booked in.

  • c) Editing may take up to 4 weeks at normal times.

  • d)  You will have 48 hours to choose your images. MMP can be available to talk through the options over the telephone should you need assistance.  

  • e) If for any reason you require more time, the images can be uploaded again for 48 hours an administration & hosting fee of £30 will be charged in addition to your order.

  • f) The gallery cart system enables clients to pick out images required. You can not make payment it.  You are responsible for emailing your choices, along with size and product type to MMP and make payment over the phone or via Online banking within the 48 hours of Gallery being hosted online.

  • g) Payment is due upon ordering by debit or credit card.

  • h)  Payment plans are available on orders of £499 and over.  Monies will usually collected via card payment over or Online banking over 2 or 3 months.  No products will be released until payment is complete in full.  Invoices that are not paid on time will incur a £50 late payment fee, Part Payment Sold Goods remain the property of MMP in the case of client default and all images are deleted 3 months after session date.



  • a) MMP edits photographs on monitors that are colour calibrated every 4 weeks, this ensures the colours of your images are edited as accurate as possible.  MMP works with the same calibration of suppliers printers meaning that images will be printed as intended to look like.

  • b) I can not guarantee that your monitor at home or any other device you view your photos on will be a true reflection of colours. 

  • c) The monitor used for viewing appointments is colour calibrated, so will be an accurate reflection of colours.

  • d) MMP is not responsible for the accuracy of the colours nor the crop choice when you print through your own choice of print source. 





  • a)The description and specification of products on this website is approximate and I reserve the right to make changes which do not materially affect the quality and performance of those products.

Digital Images:

  • b) Each image is carefully edited by hand and will supplied in Jpeg format at high resolution unless otherwise stated.

  • c) MMP does not provide images straight out of the camera.

  • d) You are not permitted to edit the images yourself in anyway.

  • e) It is your responsibility to make back up copies of any digital media you have ordered to a reliable source.

  • f)  Images will be deleted 3 months after session date.

Wall Art:

  • g) Whilst I do my best to maintain availability of stock, products may go out of stock from time to time and are offered subject to,  I will advise you of any considerable delay and you will be given the opportunity to request a full refund or suggest an alternative. Wall Art may take from 10 to 28 days from order.



  • Please be certain what product you are ordering and be aware that the choice of size - may result in some cropping of the original image. 

  • Any defective or damaged product that you are not completely satisfied should be reported via email within 24 hours of receiving your order.  

  • Due to the nature of these bespoke images, replacements are only given on wall art, if product is deemed defective.    

  • Please select digital images carefully as once downloaded or supplied to you as a hard copy, there will be no exchanges or refunds.

  • Please check the USB, disc, DVD is working on your device within 7 days of reciept.

  • In the extreme case of malfunction of MMPs equipment, images lost through camera or media malfunction, items lost in the postal system, or otherwise lost or damaged or if MMP fails to perform for any other reason without fault on part of the photographer -  MMP shall not be liable for any amount in excess of the retail value of the clients order.










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